Downtime 12/28-29/2012

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Downtime 12/28-29/2012

Unread postby Shrink908 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:17 am

Well, Comcast had some service disruption for a while tonight but seems to be back now.. They stay up just fine through the snow storm but then during better weather go down.. How fun is that?

Then there's UPS.. I'm expecting crap delivered for my job and it was supposed to be here Thursday.. Then bumped to Friday due to bad roads.. Then bumped till the >SECOND< for some undisclosed "emergency" when it had been "out on the truck" earlier in the day.. WHAT emergency? I saw Fed Ex on >MY< street earlier in the day Friday and I was able to drive my car in all it's 38 year old glory in and out of my neighborhood both Thursday and Friday.. If I can drive here and FedEx can, then UPS sure as shit can.. Lazy fuck just didn't want to get out of his truck and get his feet wet! At least when my normal UPS girl is the driver she takes care of me. The guy that sometimes fills in for her is a lazy douche bag who likes to knock on my door, drop shit on the porch, and practically RUN back to his truck. Half the time he's already moving down the road by time I get to the door.. I hate that guy and have complained about him several times now. I am SICK of this.. I have 3 things coming in through them. One is my boss' new laptop for me to configure, the other two are gifts from friends for Xmas.. Now I have to wait till I won't have time to use them to get them because of a lazy ass fucktard. grr
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Re: Downtime 12/28-29/2012

Unread postby Benzie » Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:20 am

Yikes, that's rough Shrink.

FF.N, if you were curious.
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